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Follow Along All Access Pass
Want tons of follow along videos right at your fingertips? This gives you every Follow along workout video RS has. You can access these workouts at any time on any device and even download them so you can use them without internet access. This is a one time fee and you'll get lifetime access including access to any new follow alongs we put out.
Every Day Price: $197
Black Friday Deal: $97
Injury Prevention Bundle
My two most popular programs bundled together With my RStoration and Booty Burner bunle, you'll relax overactive and tight muscles while activating underactive ones! You'll improve your mobility and stability so you can finally move and feel better! It's time to be injury-free with these amazing prehab routines!
Every Day Price: $134
Black Friday Deal: $79
No Track Macro Plan
Would you like to get the lean, strong body you've always dreamed of without depriving yourself of the FOODS YOU LOVE. Our No Track Macro Plan will get you the results you're looking for without the need to track food or calculate calories.
Every Day Price: $297 
Black Friday Deal: $97
The Card Deck Pack
Whether you want to lose weight, drop body fat, build strength or avoid injury, you've got to make sure you've created a balanced program. Get All 3 Card Packs - the Cardio Burner, Arm Burner and Glute Camp Cards! Create thousands of workouts for a well balanced, full-body strength and cardio routine! FREE SHIPPING in the US.
Every Day Price: $117
Black Friday Deal: $47
Trislides and Booty Band
If you're looking to get in a fun and killer workout at home to improve your strength and conditioning, the trislides and booty bands are great tools to have on hand! FREE SHIPPING in the US.
Every Day Price: $67.99
Black Friday Deal: $19
Training Black Book
Our most comprehensive certification and program for trainers. The Dynamic Training Black Book provides you with different training techniques to help you get the results you're looking for with creative and fun programming. From traditional Circuit Training to Density Sets, Pyramids, and Rest-Pause technique, get the tools you need to create fun and EFFECTIVE workouts while receiving continuing education credits as a trainer.
Every Day Price: $997
Black Friday Deal: $697
Free Month of 1:1 Coaching With Any Purchased Coaching Package
Redefining Strength offers the most  hands on coaching program anywhere. If you want to work 1 on 1 with a fitness and nutrition program tailored specifically to you our coaching program is the perfect option. Apply now to see if you're the right fit for the program and you'll receive a free month of coaching with any coaching package you purchase. 
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